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   Primrose Building
   Ramsbury Road
   Nevis, WI

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   Or  869-469-1634
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              Specializing in the Provision of Offshore Services

Registered Agents

Corporate Services Schedule of Fees

For filing Articles of Incorporation - IBC US$ 805.00
(includes minimum capitalization tax of US$ 225.00)

For filing Articles of Organization - LLC US$ 575.00
(includes a Government registration fee of US$ 225.00)

For filing Articles of Amendment, Dissolution, Certificate of Correction,
Restated Articles of Incorporation US$ 205.00

For filing Articles of merger or consolidation:
if survivor is a Nevis entity US$ 480.00
if survivor is a foreign entity US$ 355.00

Certificate of Good Standing US$ 100.00

if requested when filing papers in Nevis US$ 80 .00

Certified copy of document from public records US$ 60.00

-if requested when filing papers in Nevis US$ 45.00

For filing corporate documents of a voluntary, informational nature US$ 105.00

For filing papers relating to re domiciliation:
-application to transfer domicile US$ 530.00
-application for emergency transfer US$ 1630.00
-certificate of departure US$ 400.00

Apostille legalization US$ 55.00

Annual renewal fees for corporations subject to the
Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984 US$ 500.00

Annual renewal fees for limited liability companies US$ 475.00