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              Specializing in the Provision of Offshore Services

General Information

  • Location Leeward Islands Eastern Caribbean
  • Size 36 square miles
  • Population 11, 500
  • Political Status Member of Sovereign Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Constitution 1983, following independence from Great Britain
  • Currency 1 EC Dollar = 0.40 US Dollar

Tax Listings

  • Income tax resident %: Nil
  • Resident companies liable for 35% tax on profits unless tax concession has been granted
  • non resident % Nil
  • Trusts -resident % Nil
  • non-resident % Nil
  • Estate duty No
  • Corporate tax -resident % 36%
  • non-resident % Nil
  • exempt % Nil
  • Withholding taxes No
  • Tax treaties: Treaty against double taxation. Denmark, New Zealand, Norway Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Exchange controls -resident Yes
  • non-resident No
  • Statutory secrecy: -banking Yes
  • other Confidential Relationship Act,1985


  • Are trusts permitted? Yes
  • What is the perpetuity period? Defined by Trust Deed
  • What is the accumulation period? Defined by Trust Deed
  • Is there a statutory trust law? Yes
  • Is there a trust duty Payable? Yes

Special Trusts Features

  • Forced heirship exclusion No
  • Asset protection measures Yes


  • Trust Register No
  • Regulation of Trustees Yes
  • Resident trustees required Yes


  • Resident directors required
  • Minimum number of directors required
  • Directors meetings required
  • Other restrictions/requirements
  • Beneficial ownership disclosure
  • Shareholder disclosure
  • Minimum number of shareholders
  • Bearer shares allowed
  • No-par Value shares allowed
  • Public share register
  • Shareholders meetings required
  • Frequency
  • Place
  • Annual return required
  • Audit required
  • Foreign currency accounting allowed
  • Company mobility provisions
  • Registered Office
  • Registered Agent
  • Stamp/capital duty

List of Relevant Statutes

  • Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984, as amended.
  • Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance 1994, as amended
  • The Saint Christopher and Nevis Constitution Order 1983.
  • The Confidential Relationship Act 1985.
  • Nevis Offshore Banking Ordinance 1996.
  • Nevis Multiform Foundations Ordinance, 2004.
  • Nevis Multiform Foundations Regulations, 2005. 

Company Information

  • Company law Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984, asamended.
  • Types of companies
  • Nevis International Business Corporation (NIBC)
  • Company Statutes - as amended.
  • Capital requirements 1, 000 no-par value shares or US$ 100, 000 in par-value shares denominated in any currency.
  • Costs to incorporate, excluding fees US$ 580
  • Fees paid to authorities to incorporate US$ 225
  • Total incorporation fee = $ 780
  • Annual fees paid to authorities US$ 225 ( to govt) and $ 250 to Registered Agent
  • Taxation Non-resident companies pay US$ 225 annually as above. Companies operating in Nevis can obtain approved status with tax holidays of up to 15 years or more.
  • Method of Incorporation Registration of Articles of Incorporation (N.B. By-laws are not required to be registered)
  • Who may Incorporate Registered Agent’s Office
  • Length of time to Incorporate One hour
  • Company statutes Articles of Incorporation modeled on Delaware Law with optional English Common Law concepts provided.
  • Minimum members At least one.
  • Registered office Must be in Nevis.
  • Directors and Secretary Normally 3 directors plus secretary; if less than three shareholders the number of directors may equal the number of shareholders.
  • Nominee Directors/Secretary possible Yes
  • Meetings Annual meetings of shareholders required, directors can meet anywhere and by telephone.
  • Annual returns None
  • Is disclosure of profit required by filling balance sheet with annual returns None required
  • Exchange control None
  • Companies formed in the last year No disclosure due to Confidentiality Act
  • Number of companies on the company register altogether As above
  • Is Redomiciliation to Nevis possible Yes
  • Is migration out of your country provided for Yes
  • Are International Business Corporations with tax advantages for non-domestic business part of your legislation Yes - part XIV Section 123 of Nevis Business Corp. Ord 1984 specifically provides for non-domestic activity which may be conducted onshore and retain tax exemption status.