Cozier & Associates
   P.O. Box 518
   Primrose Building
   Ramsbury Road
   Nevis, WI

   Tel 869-469-0488
   Or  869-469-1634
   Fax 869-469-0834

              Specializing in the Provision of Offshore Services

Cozier & Associates is a law practice which specializes in the provision of Offshore Services and was founded in Nevis, West Indies by M. Angela Cozier, an Attorney who has worked in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis since 1992 and Dwight C. Cozier a Jersey, British Channel Islands, trained Trusts and Companies Administrator who also specialized in corporate private international law at the University of Wolverhampton in England. A fully staffed office operates in Nevis with associates in St. Kitts and correspondents regionally and internationally.

Nevis as a jurisdiction offers political stability, reliable communication systems and modern Trust, Company and related laws. Cozier & Associates is duly licensed to undertake business in Nevis having met all the relevant, statutory and other requirements required by law.
We recommend that individuals and companies wishing to make use of Nevis as an offshore domicile obtain specialist advice from their professional advisors in their own jurisdictions. In conjunction with this advice, we can provide the following services.

• Trust Registration
• IBC Formation
• Trustee and Co-Trustee Management and Services
• Maintenance of Statutory Books and Records
• Nominee Shareholders
• Company Re-domiciliation
• Provision of Directors and Officers
• Company & Trust Administration Services
• L.L.C. Formation
• Immigration & Nevis Citizenship by Investment

Cozier & Associates, Barristers at Law, Solicitors and Notaries Public, are duly regulated by the Bar Association of the OECS in the conduct of legal business. Additionally, we maintain in-house companies such as National Directors Limited, National Managers Limited and National Secretaries Limited, for corporate directorship and management services as well as Nevis resident companies such as Silk Cotton Realtors Limited a real estate company, equipped to handle all local property investment needs.

The principal commitment is to provide our clients with a professional, responsive and cost effective range of services.