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Principal Advantages of the Nevis International Exemept Trust Ordinance (1994)

Settlor can be beneficiary.

Settlor can retain some degree of control.

Non-recognition of foreign judgements.

Specific Statute of Elizabeth override provisions.

After one year an asset donated to an APT is protected from attack by the statute of limitations.

The burden of proving fraudulent intent is on the claimant.

High standard of proof required in establishing fraudulent intent.

A trust remains valid for any remaining assets even if fraudulent transfers of other assets have taken place.

Binding effect of choice of local law.

Forced heirship override provisions.

Every creditor before bringing any action against trust property must first deposit a bond in the sum of US$25,000.00 to secure the payment of all costs should action against the trust fail.

The rule against perpetuity does not apply but the maximum duration may be 100 years.