Cozier & Associates
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   Nevis, WI

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              Specializing in the Provision of Offshore Services

Cozier & Associates is a law practice in Nevis, West Indies,
which specializes in the provision of Offshore Services.

Trust Registration

IBC Formation

Company Re-domiciliation

Provision of Directors and Officers

LLC Formation
Trustee and Co-Trustee Management and Services

Maintenance of Statutory Books and Records

Provision of Nominee Shareholders

Company & Trust Administration Services

Immigration & Nevis Citizenship by Investment
  Introduction to Trusts
  Exempt Trust Ordinance (1994)
  Trust Formation and Administration

  Company Formation and Administration
  Company Administration
  Registered Agents

International Business Companies
Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984
Company Formation and Administration
Nevis Limited Liability Company
The principal commitment is to provide our clients with a professional,
responsive and cost effective range of services.